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Are you looking to go on a few Gilf Dates in London? London is a huge city with a vibrant sex life. People of all ages are constantly looking to meet up for no strings attached sex. A market of people that is growing rapidly across the nation's capital is the number of men who are interested in having sex with older women.

Gilfs in London

Meet sexy grannies looking for casual sex in the capital!

If you did not know GILF simply stands for granny I would like to fuck. It was made famous by the film American pie where the term milf came into existence, now this term is becoming more and more popular. So, it is quite easy to understand why so many men are obsessed with trying to have sex with these hot older women, the question is though, why is there such an increase of middle age women looking to have no strings attached sex? Here are some of the top reasons for speaking to our members


1.Divorce rates in London

Divorce rates are still on the rise in London. From hot grannies realizing that they may not want to have sex with the same man for the rest of their lives to simply getting bored spending every single day with the same man. More and more people are looking to break away from their long-term boring marriages and starting to have sex with different people. Life is too short to be stuck in a relationship that you don’t like and it is proven to actually be quite a healthy thing coming out of a toxic relationship. With divorce comes a spurt of new singletons. If you think, the number of single people coming on the market is twice the number of divorces! This is one of the biggest reasons that websites like have become so popular over the last few years.

2.Swinging and sex parties.

Everyone knows that sex parties are huge in London. From all-night romps to dogging and smaller orgy parties. Women of all ages are feeling sexy again by entering these events and having men gawp over them.

Men are going to these parties and experiencing sex with older women for the first time going crazy for it.

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