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Approaching Gilf Slags

There are lots of theories on how to get women. From confidence to pick up lines. But does anyone really know what drives women wild?

I mean half the women I have met don’t seem to know what they like in a guy either. (All they seem to know is what they don’t like.)

Over the next 500 words lets see if we can explore some theories of how to get into bed with a granny slag.

I truly believe that getting women is a numbers game. You need to start getting a thick skin. There is no easy way around this..

Approaching women is terrifying!

So how do you get over this fear of the approach? Well, you could drink or take drugs before you do it but ultimately the best way to start is to just do it! Here are a couple of things you could try...

  1. Give yourself a 10-second countdown and just walk over.
  2. Go over with a friend
  3. Watch some youtube videos of other guys picking up women before you go out.
  4. Prepare some lines… and when you have snorted them you should feel much better.

Top tip for finding an older shag near you

Here is my number one tip of getting over the fear of approaching a hot granny slapper.

Accept that the first 5 women you approach is going to go terribly (As soon as you realise this you can actually have a bit of fun with it) You could literally walk over and allow it to go badly. By the sixth and seventh woman you are really not going to care as much. This is ultimately what it is all about. Not caring if it goes badly.

Think about your history with women? Why don’t you go up to more women? Maybe you have tried it once and it went badly or maybe you have never tried?

What separate men that are good with women from the men who are terrible?

The one thing that separates them is the experience of approaching women. The other 99% of men give up after two failed attempts.

If you are single and would like a hot slag under your arm maybe its time to start taking it really seriously. Perhaps go out by yourself with the one goal of approaching as many women as you can. Accept that the first 10 is going to go badly… HECK, why stop there. Accept that the first 50 are going to go badly. It really doesn’t matter.

I mean so what if she tells you to fuck off. Overall you haven’t offended her, she won’t remember you the next day. Seriously who cares?

Perhaps you have tried this approach but it just hasn’t worked for you. Perhaps you just cannot bring yourself to do that first approach. Well maybe just start to build yourself up. Go out on day one and just try to make eye contact with 5 women. The next day smile at 5 women. The day after that, say hello to five women.

Slowly but surely build yourself up. Perhaps see if you can just deliver funny lines to hot women you like in the queue in Sainburies. Before you know it you will have had a good chat with a couple of women without even realising it. Over the next couple of blogs, I will begin to go into what to say and when to say it.

If however this all sound a bit too difficult you could always visit where we have 1000 of women lined up and waiting for men to have sex with. But if you want to do it the old fashion way. Both do work!

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