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Diary Entry from one of our members



Saucy: My name is Sandra, I am 67 year old widow and I have recently signed up to one of these saucy dating sites, and I want to tell the world it has been the best decision of my long, long life. Let me share an experience I had with a fella called ‘Lofty’ from the site (probably not is real name, but I am uninterested in his real name). After many drinks of sherry we retired to my bedroom where he pressed me down onto the bed. I have not once in my long life felt such euphoria. Lofty pursed his lips together and blew air up against my panties where my soggy vagina lay beneath. Again, more blowing of hot air from his purse, dry, cracked lips. I was in heaven. With his teeth he removed my panties and began licking my clit. Due to such sexual euphoria I dug my long long nails into my own thighs (which I later regretted) and shook my fatty thighs as he continued to lick. This went on for about 4 minutes and I felt I wanted to return the favour. I removed his checkered boxer shorts and amongst a thick bush I saw his small, yet very attractive penis. I placed gently my teeth around his bell end and he thought I was going to bite down, obviously I wasn’t going to do such a thing- I was only distracting him of what was yet to come. I put my little finger up his grommet so far up he had the thrill of his life and I he ejaculated, and he wasn’t even fully erect. I whispered in his old ear “…and that’s not all I’m worth”. When then french kissed for about half an hour and I just thought to myself, I am in total bliss. Total happiness, and this has only been achieved because I signed up to one of this saucy dating sites. I would thoroughly recommend to the older woman and the older man. It is so much fun.

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