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Granny Sex

Let’s face it, we’ve all fantasised about having an older woman take control in the bedroom, but at what age does it stop becoming acceptable?

We are talking about the over 50’s, moving into the 60's. Some men will completely turn their nose up because well quite frankly, wrinkles don’t do it for everyone. But granny sex is quickly becoming a thing, so much so that adult sites have categories based on it; dating sites are starting to boom making it much easier for men to contact the older ladies and people are just talking about it a little more than they used to.

What turns us on by the idea though; some guys I know have bedded women old enough to be their granny, is that still an achievement or just wrong? Do we get turned on by their years of experience and knowing what they like? Or do we subconsciously fall for their mothering ways? Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen videos of older women domineering men but do we like that because we actually like being told what to do like when we were younger?

GILF Sex Contacts

Anyway, I’m going in too deep whatever the reason it’s still bloody hot. Having a woman who has so many more years’ experience than you, knowing exactly what she likes and knows how to please a man. Who can argue against that? Or do you prefer your women to be a little less experienced, shy and non-adventurous in bed? See, I’ve got you thinking now, haven’t I?

You obviously need to pick your woman carefully; there are plenty of hot older women/grannies out there you’ve just got to find the right ones. They aren’t all old wrinkles; there are some out there that will take you by surprise at their appearance and age. Anyway, if they aren’t ashamed of their bodies then why should you be? If she is coming to you then take it as a compliment and run with it, see where it takes you – life is all about taking adventures isn’t it?

Top tips when before having granny sex

*Always use protection –

even if she is past her prime years you still don’t want to risk getting a 60year old pregnant. I know the likelihood of this happening is so low – worth taking the risk though? Also if she is online on adult sites then I doubt this is the first time she’s done it. So play it as you usually do, unless you know their history it’s always best to keep yourself protected! These grannies can get around.

*Shower her with compliments -

and she will walk straight into your hands. It’s a well-known fact that women like to be treated with respect and talked to politely, then when you get to the nitty gritty P’s & Q’s can go out the window. Some women may appreciate the treat them mean keep them keen but this is for you to figure out what kind of woman she is.

*Respect her wishes -

If she wants to keep things hush hush then do just that. You don’t want to spoil a good thing when you find it. She may want to keep things quiet for various reasons especially to keep details away from her family as you could imagine. So just be careful when down the pub especially if you are meeting up with a local woman.

*Understand the grounding of the relationship -

Sex is sex with older women or a granny. She understands that there is no less or no more to the relationship than that. Unless discussed otherwise.


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