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Grannies to meet for sex

We received this letter in from one of our members last week. Even though we have millions of messages each week about men who are desperately looking to meet up with grannies for sex, we thought we would post this one on our website and see if any women would react to it has never met the man.

Mature Sex story from a member

“My name is Charles an I am 36 years old. I have recently split up with my wife because I found myself constantly want to cheat on her with older women.

There is something about a more experienced woman that drives me crazy. There is something very sexy about knowing that she has done everything you could imagine in the bedroom. I was with my neighbour the other day and she winked at me and said, just because there is snow on the roof it doesn’t mean there isn’t a fire burning below. It drove me crazy and I went home and masturbated furiously. Later that night I went over to her house and I continued to flirt with her. Soon she asked me if I was sexually frustrated and I said yes. She walked over to me and said she was happy to give me a release. She undid my belt and started to suck on my dick. It probably took about 2 minutes before I was skunking in her granny mouth. The thought of this much older woman getting down on her hands and knees drove me wild. The issue was that my wife was watching through the window and saw the whole thing.

I mean I guess you could say the entire thing was comical really my wife catching me with my dick in the 78-year-old neighbours mouth. Very typical! Anyway as you can probably imagine we broke up that night and I started sleeping with my neighbour but the thought suddenly crossed my mind. My neighbour wasn’t looking for anything serious, why can’t I go and start having sex with more grannies?

So here I am, I have signed up for gilf dating and I am looking for some fun. Any naughty ladies up for a good time?”

Response from our gilfs

We thought that since this was such a comical story we would help this guy out and posted this story out to all our females members to see if any of them would be interested in meeting up with this guy. Well, we had a huge response. Over 30 grannies got in contact saying that this guy seemed like the type of man they were looking for. Someone who would throw caution to the wind and do anything he could to have sex with them.

If you have an interesting story about having sex with a granny then write in and we might help you out to have even more sex than you are already having.

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