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Swap fabswingers for gilf dating

We have recently been on a site called Fabswingers. It is obviously one of the top swinging sites in the UK but it only really caters for arranging swinging parties. This is where we think might appeal to some of you.

We differ from that swinger site as we come at it from more of a matching point of view. See we say we ultimately want to help people date. But anyone who has been on will appreciate we are really more interested in helping people fuck!

How we help.

Finding a mature fuck buddy. This really is the name of the game. The granny porn industry is huge but we wanted to help people actually have sex with Grannies.  After all, they are probably one of the hardest women to sleep with unless of course, you go swinging and just happen to meet a more mature lady there.

Why are grannies hard to get into bed?

Well, the fact of the matter is that they are not real. The problem is where to meet them. I mean most of these older women don’t go to nightclubs where you might be able to stumble over to one, drunk and ask for a cheeky fuck. A lot of these women are quite reserved in “normal life” (even if they are animals in the bedroom) so it is quite hard to work out which ones are sex crazy and which ones are just happily married.

Well, the answer ultimately is online dating. Here women will literally list that they are looking for sex. We have hundreds of women signing up each day from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. On their profiles, they have sexy images of themselves, a little bit about themselves and what kind of men they are interested in meeting and most importantly, what their fantasies are and what they would like to do in the bedroom.  Once you have signed up for your free membership it is just a case of doing a search in your area and just having a browse. If there is too much choice (which there often is) you can filter your results down by appearance and your sexual desires.

How do you filter by Sexual desires?

When all members sign up for the first time they are asked to put in information about themselves. This includes ticking your sexual fantasies from dogging to swinging. This is great as this then allows you to filter your results by sexual fantasies. So for example, if you wanted to meet a brunette, from Cardiff, who is into “swingers clubs”. You would select these options and search. Then you could browse through all the women that met these criteria.

The possibilities are endless.

Why would you need to filter results?

You don’t have to filter your results if you don’t want to but the reason we did is that we were getting complaints about having too much choice. In fact, we have had so many members sign up over the last few years we have even released some “sub-sites” such as (for men after fatter women) and men who are obsessed with anal sex).

The members on our site range from women who are having their first affair all the way through to widowed women who are started to date again in 40 years.

Some just want to have a bit of a sexy chat and some are looking for more of a sexual experience. Whatever you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find a match on our site. Why not sign up for free? All we need is a valid email address and a password. If you are not happy with our service you can cancel and we will not bother you again!

The kind of people you could meet

We’d love to welcome you as a member too!