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Grannies to meet for sex

granny meeting up for sexWe received this letter in from one of our members last week. Even though we have millions of messages each week about men who are desperately looking to meet up with grannies for sex, we thought we would post this one on our website and see if any women would react to it having never met the man.

Mature Sex story from member

“My name is Charles an I am 36 years old. I have recently split up with my wife because I found myself constantly want to cheat on her with older women.

There is something about a more experienced woman that drives me crazy. There is something very sexy about knowing that she has done everything you could imagine in the bedroom. I was with my neighbour the other day and she winked at me and said, just because there is snow on the roof it doesn’t mean there isn’t a fire burning below. It drove me crazy and I went home and masturbated furiously. Later that night I went over her house and I continued to flirt with her. Soon she asked me if I was sexually frustrated and I said yes. She walked over to me and said she was happy to give me a release. She undid my belt and started to suck on my dick. It probably took about 2 minutes before I was skunking in her granny mouth. The thought of this much older woman getting down on her hands and knees drove me wild. The issue was that my wife was watching though the window and saw the whole thing.

sex granny looking to meetI mean I guess you could say the entire thing was comical really my wife catching me with my dick in the 78 year old neighbours mouth. Very typical! Anyway as you can probably imagine we broke up that night and I started sleeping with my neighbour but the thought suddenly crossed my mind. My neighbour wasn’t looking for anything serious, why can’t I go and start having sex with more grannies?

So here I am, I have signed up to gilf dating and I am looking for some fun. Any naughty ladies up for a good time?”

Response from our gilfs

We thought that since this was such a comical story we would help this guy out and posted this story out to all our females members to see if any of them would be interested in meeting up with this guy. Well we had a huge response. Over 30 grannies got in contact saying that this guy seemed like the type of man they were looking for. Someone who would throw caution to the wind and do anything he could to have sex with them.

If you have an interesting story about having sex with a granny then write in and we might help you out to have even more sex than you are already having.

dating escort

Granny escort services

older dating escortIf you are googling granny escort services right now, it means you are probably ready to fuck a granny and you think it might be slightly easier to just pay for the service rather than try and find someone who genuinely wants to shag you. That might seem like the easier thing to do but did you realize that gilf dating has thousands of women who are desperate to have more sex in life. Why not give gilf dating a go and see if you can start meeting up with a lot more women for free!

Here are few positives of each option

Positives of using a granny escort service.

1. No ones feeling get hurt. You pass over the money and she sucks your dick
2. If you want to do hard core then just had over the money and do it. Unlike on online dating you will have to try and convince the woman to get dirty with you. When you’re with an escort she will do anything for cash.
3. Have sex exactly when you want. If you want to have sex at a certain time and a certain place then paying for sex is the way forward.
4. If you can’t be bothered with the chase then an escort is probably the way forward.
5. Perhaps you have just come out of a really long-term relationship and you don’t want to fall for a woman. If you are in a venerable place and just want to have a quick hard shag and fulfill some of your fantasies then you might be better off paying for sex

Positives of using Gilf dating

granny escort1. Every time you go to a granny escort you have to hand over your cold hard cash. Once you meet someone on a dating site you will be meeting them for free each time, as they will actually want to have sex with you.
2. None of the escorts want to have sex with you and don’t have any pleasure from it. On a dating site you know when that woman is fucking you she is really excited and really wants to be there.
3. There is no achievement to shagging a woman for money. Yes you will get the orgasm but you will be left feeling a bit lost after you have paid for something so intimate.
4. There is a far greater selection of women to choose from on a dating site than there is on a escort service. If you would rather a much higher selection of women who are genuinely looking for sex then there is no better place than on a dating service.

So there you have it, here are some pros and cons of pay for sex or meeting a real person on line who wants to have a no strings attached intimate relationship.

The choice is up to you and remembers, you could always do them both?

find a gilf near me

Where can I meet a gilf?

horny gilfWeather you are looking for a gilf slut or just a horny granny, sooner or later you might find yourself typing into google “Where can I meet a gilf?”. If this is the case and you have found this site then you have come to the best place.

How many gilfs are there on the site?

We have got thousands of gilf’s from all over the world signed up but particularly in the UK. Gilf dating was started in the UK and that is where this dating site became the biggest granny dating site in the country. Each week we have over 100 women signing up in the uk alone.

What are the profiles like.

The sexy profiles on this site are pretty much images based. Many of the older women on this site use their profile as small porn sites. Some of the women as old as 73 are uploading images from the orgies that they have found from signing up to this site.

What happens when you meet an older woman for a date?

horny gilf swingerWe all know how nerve racking it can be to go on a date with someone but what about going on a date with an older woman. I am talking about 25 year old men meeting up with 60 year old women for sex. It might seem a little odd to meet up in public. It might looking like you are out with your grandma, not a fuck buddy.

This is why many of the mature women on this site like to keep the sex life in private quarters rather than flaunting it in public. Many of the older sluts on this site will just want you to go straight over their house for some sex. You might find they want you to go in for a bit to chat or they might just want you to not speak and just get straight down to sex .

Is it scary turning up at an older womans house for sex?

If it is your first time it might be a little scary but once this naughty older woman starts sucking on your dick you will be carried away. Before you know it you will be sticking your rock hard dick in her and enjoying the feeling of a more mature pussy that has been spunked in by hundreds of other men.

Does the sex need to be different.

No, in fact many of these older women like it rough, this is why they are looking for a younger fuck buddy with a bit more energy and a harder dick. Otherwise they would just be looking for another old man to fuck them!

Why not sign up today and just get chatting to a couple of older women and see if any of them float your boat. Before long you could be having the best sex of your life.

saggy pussy in london

Saggy pussies in London

London MatureWhy is it that you constantly want to shag saggy pussie in and around the London area? Many men across the UK have a serious fetish for having sex with an older woman, from the abundance of grey pubes to the old worn out pussy, men simply are gagging for a bit of mature action.

Here are a couple of reasons men are addicted to old pussies

Having run this site for a few years we thought we would ask our members for the top 5 reason they love to bang a good old pussy, so without further ado, here are the reasons we found

1 They love the feel of a slightly loose minge.

older vaginaMany women on this site are elderly slags and have had a lot of cock throughout their lives . Many of them have even had children, so their vaginas are quite loose, some men absolutely love the feeling of a nice old loose vagina flapping around their cock as they are banging away.

2 These women don’t a give a shit.

Don’t expect to have a nice shaved pussy when you are fucking these women, they are old and just want some cock and they really do not give a fuck, so if you are interested in fucking an old woman who isn’t really going to clean up for you, she just wants a fast hard shag then this is the site for you.

3. Grey pubes meet grey pubes.

Many of the male members on this site are also old, so they are simply looking for members of a similar age. They have grey pubes and an old dick and balls too so they are simply looking for someone of a similar ilk!

5 Older women are just more filthy

Younger girls are sometimes a bit insecure about their bodies where as older women know exactly what they want and they are not afraid to go after it. Most of the men simply go after these older women as they want to fulfill their wildest fantasies andg they know that they are much more likely to get it if they shag an older woman than going after a young girl.

Sign up for free to fuck an old woman

This site was set up to help men have more sex with older woman.

Whether you come from Chelsea or hackney, we have women all over the country who are gagging to have their old fancies ruined by horny men who simply want to have their end away with a naughty older woman!


Granny Sex

Let’s face it, we’ve all fantasised about having an older woman take control in the bedroom, but at what age does it stop becoming acceptable?


We are talking about the over 50’s, moving in to the 60+ year old women. Some men will completely turn their nose up because well quite frankly, wrinkles don’t do it for everyone. But granny sex is quickly becoming a thing, so much so that adult sites have categories based on it; dating sites are starting to bo

om making it much easier for men to contact the older ladies and people are just talking about it a little more than they used to.

What turns us on by the idea though; some guys I know have bedded women old enough to be their granny, is that still an achievement or just wrong? Do we get turned on by their years of experience and knowing what they like? Or do we subconsciously fall for their mothering ways. Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen videos of older women domineering men but do we like that because we actually like being told what to do like when we were younger?

Anyway, I’m going in too deep whatever the reason it’s still bloody hot. Having a woman who has so many more years’ experience than you, knowing exactly what she likes and knows how to please a man. Who can argue against that? Or do you prefer your women to be a little less experienced, shy and non-adventurous in bed? See, I’ve got you thinking now haven’t I.

You obviously need to pick your woman carefully; there are plenty of hot older women/grannies out there you’ve just got to find the right ones. They aren’t all old wrinkles; there are some out there that

will take you by surprise at their appearance and age. Anyway, if they aren’t ashamed of their bodies then why should you be? If she is coming onto you then take it as a compliment and run with it, see where it takes you – life is all about taking adventures isn’t it?

*Always use protection – even if she is past her prime years you still don’t want to risk getting a 60year old pregnant. I know the likelihood of this happening is so low – worth taking the risk though? Also if she is online on adult sites then I doubt this is the first time she’s done it. So play it as you usually do, unless you know their history it’s always best to keep yourself protected! These grannies can get around.

*Shower her with compliments and she will walk straight into your hands. It’s a well-known fact that women like to be treated with respect and talked to politely, then when you get to the nitty gritty P’s & Q’s can go out the window. Some women may appreciate the treat them mean keep them keen but this is for you to figure out what kind of woman she is.

*Respect her wishes. If she wants to keep things hush hush then do just that. You don’t want to spoil a good thing when you find it. She may want to keep things quiet for various reasons especially to keep details away from her family as you could imagine. So just be careful when down the pub especially if you are meeting up with a local woman.

*Understand the grounding of the relationship. Sex is sex with older women or a granny. She understands that there is no less or no more to the relationship that that. Unless discussed otherwise.



Diary Entry from one of our members

Wait until you read this one!



Saucy: My name is Sandra, I am 67 year old widow and I have recently signed up to one of these saucy dating sites, and I want to tell the world it has been the best decision of my long, long life. Let me share an experience I had with a fella called ‘Lofty’ from the site (probably not is real name, but I am uninterested in his real name). After many drinks of sherry we retired to my bedroom where he pressed me down onto the bed. I have not once in my long life felt such euphoria. Lofty pursed his lips together and blew air up against my panties where my soggy vagina lay beneath. Again, more blowing of hot air from his purse, dry, cracked lips. I was in heaven. With his teeth he removed my panties and began licking my clit. Due to such sexual euphoria I dug my long long nails into my own thighs (which I later regretted) and shook my fatty thighs as he continued to lick. This went on for about 4 minutes and I felt I wanted to return the favour. I removed his checkered boxer shorts and amongst a thick bush I saw his small, yet very attractive penis. I placed gently my teeth around his bell end and he thought I was going to bite down, obviously I wasn’t going to do such a thing- I was only distracting him of what was yet to come. I put my little finger up his grommet so far up he had the thrill of his life and I he ejaculated, and he wasn’t even fully erect. I whispered in his old ear “…and that’s not all I’m worth”. When then french kissed for about half an hour and I just thought to myself, I am in total bliss. Total happiness, and this has only been achieved because I signed up to one of this saucy dating sites. I would thoroughly recommend to the older woman and the older man. It is so much fun.



Swap fabswingers for gilf dating

We have recently been on a site called Fabswingers. It is obviously one of the top swinging sites in the uk but it only really caters for arranging swinging parties. This is where we think might appeal to some of you.

We differ from that swinger site as we come at it from more of a matching point of view. See we say we ultimately want to help people date. But anyone who has been on will appreciate we are really more interested in helping people fuck!

fat swinging gilf


How we help.

Finding a mature fuck buddy. This really is the name of the game. The granny porn industry is huge but we wanted to help people actually have sex with Grannies.  After all they are probably one of the hardest women to sleep with unless of course you go swinging and just happen to meet a more mature lady there.

Why are grannies hard to get into bed?

Well the fact of the matter is that they are not really. The problem is where to meet them. I mean most of these older women don’t go to nightclubs where you might be able to stumble over to one, drunk and ask for a cheeky fuck. A lot of these women are quite reserved in “normal life” (even if they are animals in the bedroom) so it is quite hard to work out which ones are sex crazy and which ones are just happily married.

Well the answer ultimately is online dating. Here women will literally list that they are looking for sex. We have hundreds of women signing up each day from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. On their profiles they have sexy images of themselves, a little bit about themselves and what kind of men they are interested in meeting and most importantly, what their fantasies are and what they would like to do in the bedroom.  Once you have signed up for your free membership it is just a case of doing a search in your area and just having a browse. If there is too much choice (which there often is) you can filter your results down by appearance and your sexual desires.

How do you filter by Sexual desires?

When all members sign up for the first time they are asked to put in information about themselves. This includes ticking your sexual fantasies from dogging to swinging. This is great as this then allows you to filter your results by sexual fantasies. So for example, if you wanted to meet a brunette, from Cardiff, who is into “swingers clubs”. You would select these options and search. Then you could browse through all the women that met this criteria.

The possibilities are endless.

Why would you need to filter results?

We you don’t have to filter your results if you don’t want to but the reason we did is because we were getting complaints about having too much choice. In fact we have had so many members sign up over the last few years we have even released some “sub sites” such as (for men after fatter women) and men who are obsessed with anal sex).

The members on our sit range from women who are having their first affair all the way through to widowed women who are started to date again in 40 years.

Some just want to have a bit of a sexy chat and some are looking for more of a sexual experience. What ever you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find a match on our site. Why not sign up for free? All we need is a valid email address and a password. If you are not happy with our service you can cancel and we will not bother you again!