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Welcome to Gilf Dating.

Welcome to Gilf Dating. For those of you who are unsure what a gilf is; It stands for Granny I'd like to fuck! This pretty much says everything you need to know about this site.

We started back in 2006 when we didn't think there were enough sites around to help men have sex with older women. We set this site up as an easy way for men to go on mature sex dates. Before we knew it, over 100,000 women had signed up from all over the UK looking for no strings attached sex.

Our site is full of older ladies who know exactly what they want. They are not looking for relationships; they just want men in their lives who can sexually satisfy them. Do you think you can help?

Free Sign Up.

It is important that you can have a look around this site to see which women tickle your fancy. Because of this we made sign up completely free. You do not have to enter any card details. Just give us a real birth date, email and password.

We ask for your age just to avoid minors signing up to this site and the real password is so we can notify you if a British sex contact is trying to get in contact with you while you are offline.

Sign up is just three simple steps and takes less than one minute. We know that your time is precious and you would rather be scrolling through thousands of adult personals, than filling in information.

From Swingers to Dogging

We have hundreds of gilf women signing up each day. The problem is that there is such a huge selection, how do you know which women to go look at? Well, the answer to that is to filter your results. We have made the search incredibly simple to use.

  1. Enter your location or the location where you would like to meet a granny to fuck.
  2. Enter the appearance of the mature woman you would like to have sex with.
  3. Enter what you would like to do with this woman, from swinging to dogging.
  4. Finally, tick the box of what you would like to be done to you, from Blowjobs to rimming.

Each time you add more information, we whittle down the results to the women who match your needs.

This means you can just scroll through the women who live in your area who look like the type of woman you would like to fuck. Not only that but these women also have the same sexual interests as you, such as dogging and blowjobs. At that point, it is simply a case of send them a message, asking if they want to meet up for sex! It really is that simple as the granny’s on here are just looking for one thing.

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Our Top Stories

A couple of the hottest gilfs who signed up over the last week
Wow, I have just been taking a moment to go through and perv on some of the hot gilfs that have signed up over the last week and I have to say I am always amazed at some of the sexy women. Here are a couple of screen grabs I have taken from our site, you can being to see why it is so addictive, These womena re on the site and are actually looking for men to meet up with for sex. Personally, this makes my mouth water. Have a look at some of these, if you don't believe me, sign up and have a look for yourself.
Ok, ok so you've got me, I am an arse man, but seriously these arses are fucking brilliant. Most guys would give their left nut to talk dirty to these women, let alone, actually spend a night with one. These women are all looking for regular fuck buddies. They often don't even want a relationship, they just want to meet up, have good hard sex and then leave again to go back to the husbands and families. If you are look for a bit of NSA fun, then this could be the perfect sit...
Hot gilf dating member

Approaching Gilf Slags
There are lots of theories on how to get women. From confidence to pick up lines. But does anyone really know what drives women wild?

I mean half the women I have met don’t seem to know what they like in a guy either. (All they seem to know is what they don’t like.)

Over the next 500 words lets see if we can explore some theories of how to get into bed with a granny slag.

I truly believe that getting women is a numbers game. You need to start getting a thick skin. There is no easy way around this..

Approaching women is terrifying!

So how do you get over this fear of the approach? Well you could drink or take drugs before you do it but ultimately the best way to start is to just do it! Here are a couple of things your could try..

1.     Give yourself a 10 second count down and just walk over.

2.    Go over with a friend

3.    Wat...
gilf in tights

We all know that good sex is the best form of therapy for a long list of mental and emotional issues. Lack of good sex on the other hand causes frustration which in turn increases stress levels and aggravates mental and emotional issues. This is why something had to be done to help out the thousands of guys and grannies going to bed horny and unsatisfied each night!

To help out the desperate guys and grannies it was decided that we need to have a comprehensive and easy to access gilf sex contacts that guys can use to get in touch with horny grannies from all parts of the country. This allows horny guys to contact hot local grannies for a fuck as soon as the "need arises!"

With a single phone call, you too could be fucking a granny like her thanks to gilf sex contacts!

Become a gilf dating member today and get to enjoy the benefit of having access to a comprehensive list of gilf sex contacts looking for a fuck!
With only one phone call, you too could be fucking a granny like her thanks to gilf sex contacts!

Granny Chat
Granny chat is an excellent opportunity of any gilf dating member to try and talk their way into a  local granny's ass! With many women being quite reluctant when it comes to anal sex, talking your way into an old slut's ass can be quite an achievement.

Instead of opting for the easy way in, which is getting into a horny granny's wet pussy, why don't you challenge yourself by trying to talk a dirty old granny into anal surrender! It will be well worth your effort to have her give in to your charm and persuasion at which point she will get down on her elbows and knees to present you with her tight ass which is the top granny fucking award!

Getting into her ass is half the task, making her love it is your real challenge!

Getting her to give up her ass is however only half the mission! Turning her into an anal sex loving freak is your ultimate goal! If you are up for the challenge, get started today and make sure to share your experience with...
Getting into her ass is half the task, making her love it is your real challenge!

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