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Welcome to Gilf Dating.

Welcome to Gilf Dating. For those of you who are unsure what a gilf is; It stands for Granny I'd like to fuck! This pretty much says everything you need to know about this site.

We started back in 2006 when we didn't think there were enough sites around to help men have sex with older women. We set this site up as an easy way for men to go on mature sex dates. Before we knew it, over 100,000 women had signed up from all over the UK looking for no strings attached sex.

Our site is full of older ladies who know exactly what they want. They are not looking for relationships; they just want men in their lives who can sexually satisfy them. Do you think you can help?

Free Sign Up.

It is important that you can have a look around this site to see which women tickle your fancy. Because of this we made sign up completely free. You do not have to enter any card details. Just give us a real birth date, email and password.

We ask for your age just to avoid minors signing up to this site and the real password is so we can notify you if a British sex contact is trying to get in contact with you while you are offline.

Sign up is just three simple steps and takes less than one minute. We know that your time is precious and you would rather be scrolling through thousands of adult personals, than filling in information.

From Swingers to Dogging

We have hundreds of gilf women signing up each day. The problem is that there is such a huge selection, how do you know which women to go look at? Well, the answer to that is to filter your results. We have made the search incredibly simple to use.

  1. Enter your location or the location where you would like to meet a granny to fuck.
  2. Enter the appearance of the mature woman you would like to have sex with.
  3. Enter what you would like to do with this woman, from swinging to dogging.
  4. Finally, tick the box of what you would like to be done to you, from Blowjobs to rimming.

Each time you add more information, we whittle down the results to the women who match your needs.

This means you can just scroll through the women who live in your area who look like the type of woman you would like to fuck. Not only that but these women also have the same sexual interests as you, such as dogging and blowjobs. At that point, it is simply a case of send them a message, asking if they want to meet up for sex! It really is that simple as the granny’s on here are just looking for one thing.

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Our Top Stories

Grannies to meet for sex
We received this letter in from one of our members last week. Even though we have millions of messages each week about men who are desperately looking to meet up with grannies for sex, we thought we would post this one on our website and see if any women would react to it having never met the man.
Mature Sex story from member
“My name is Charles an I am 36 years old. I have recently split up with my wife because I found myself constantly want to cheat on her with older women.

There is something about a more experienced woman that drives me crazy. There is something very sexy about knowing that she has done everything you could imagine in the bedroom. I was with my neighbour the other day and she winked at me and said, just because there is snow on the roof it doesn’t mean there isn’t a fire burning below. It drove me crazy and I went home and masturbated furiously. Later that night I went over her house and I continued to flirt with her. Soon she aske...
granny meeting up for sex

Granny escort services
If you are googling granny escort services right now, it means you are probably ready to fuck a granny and you think it might be slightly easier to just pay for the service rather than try and find someone who genuinely wants to shag you. That might seem like the easier thing to do but did you realize that gilf dating has thousands of women who are desperate to have more sex in life. Why not give gilf dating a go and see if you can start meeting up with a lot more women for free!

Here are few positives of each option
Positives of using a granny escort service.
1. No ones feeling get hurt. You pass over the money and she sucks your dick
2. If you want to do hard core then just had over the money and do it. Unlike on online dating you will have to try and convince the woman to get dirty with you. When you’re with an escort she will do anything for cash.
3. Have sex exactly when you want. If you want to have sex at a certain time and a certain ...
older dating escort

How to get laid Down Under
When it comes to rooting older women no one does it better than! Our website is perfectly set-up to help you get your dick sucked or fucked any time of the day anywhere in Australia!

Our site has helped thousands of guys meet the GILF of their dreams for casual fun over and over again. You might be asking yourself, what makes this site so successful? Well it's not really just one thing, there is actually a hell of a lot of great things that go into this adult dating site that make it stand out from the competition and be so good for sex.

In summary these things are,

The ability to use search filters to find members that love the same sex as you!
Search and meet with members near you using our postcode search tool
We are completely safe and secure and encrypt all member data on our site
Hundreds of members meet up all over Aus every week to fuck!
We have a dedicated Australian...
meet older women who love to fuck

Where can I meet a gilf?
Weather you are looking for a gilf slut or just a horny granny, sooner or later you might find yourself typing into google “Where can I meet a gilf?”. If this is the case and you have found this site then you have come to the best place.
How many gilfs are there on the site?
We have got thousands of gilf’s from all over the world signed up but particularly in the UK. Gilf dating was started in the UK and that is where this dating site became the biggest granny dating site in the country. Each week we have over 100 women signing up in the uk alone.
What are the profiles like.
The sexy profiles on this site are pretty much images based. Many of the older women on this site use their profile as small porn sites. Some of the women as old as 73 are uploading images from the orgies that they have found from signing up to this site.
What happens when you meet an older woman for a date?
We all know how nerve racking it can be to ...
horny gilf

Established in 2006. is
officially the largest Granny Dating site